Warframe: The New War Expansion Goes Live This Christmas
Warframe The New War

It’s interesting to see companies use “Christmas” again after there was a politically correct war on the term for the longest, but it could be a sign of changing times. Perhaps a sign that we’re moving back into less politically stringent territory… maybe? Anyway, Digital Extremes made it known that Warframe: The New War will release during the Christmas, 2019 season later this year.

The announcement came via a brand new cinematic trailer, which introduced a a brand new villainous army of bipedal warriors set to give the Grineer and the Corpus a run for their money. That’s not to mention that players will have to gird their loins and upgrade their gear to prep for battle against these new foes.

You can get a brief glimpse of their explosive introduction via the cinematic below, courtesy of IGN.

Majority of the trailer is just looking at a bunch of pods blaze through the solar system, making a bee line right for the Grineer occupied locations on Earth. A warning message is sent out to the other colonies, telling people to abandon their settlements on Mars while the aliens begin their attack on Earth, sending out shock waves as the drop pods make contact, and the towering aggressors step foot onto the planet.

Fans of the series instantly recognized that the new war being waged by this enemy is actually the Sentient race, a technologically advanced species that represent a time before the current events of Warframe took place.

Now gamers will get to re-encounter this long lost race, not unlike the way the Forerunners re-emerged in the Halo series. Although, Halo’s lore seems to have been butchered and scrambled so badly by 343 Industries I doubt many people are all that excited about what’s to come next for that dying franchise.

As for Warframe, we know that the Sentients will be waging their war first on the Plains of Eidolon, and will be expanded out from there. This likely means that new weapons are inbound, new missions, and a grand new story to follow. More information about the update will likely arrive soon.


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