Within The Cosmos, First-Person Sci-Fi RPG Launches August 16th
Within The Cosmos

Indie developer Debdev announced that their story-oriented, single-player, sci-fi shooter, Within The Cosmos is scheduled to release on Steam starting August 16th. The role-playing title recently received a new gameplay trailer showcasing seven minutes of in-game play to give gamers an idea of what to expect from the title.

Within The Cosmos is set in the future where the United Earth Space Agency attempts to colonize the alien planet Birth II along with 499 other crew mates to preserve the human race. However, things go haywire and robots begin murdering the human colonization crew, which leads you to and your own robot companion on an action-adventure to discover the mystery of who attacked the crew and why.

You can get a small taste of the gameplay with the seven minute trailer below.

The game mixes in dialogue-based interactions with NPCs along with first-person shooting. The dialogue choices will apparently determine the outcome for the characters and scenarios. However, they don’t mention if this means that there will be alternate endings for the game.

You get to create your own character, which includes their appearance and what sort of armor types they don. As you progress through the game you’ll also be able to unlock attribute points and upgrade your abilities, ranging from intelligence to agility to stealth to charisma.

The game sports a large collection of different environments to explore across the planets of the Adallo star system. Now these planets were hand-crafted instead of being procedurally generated, so the environments should feel more dynamic and original compared to the hodge-podge maps made out of randomly cobbled together trees, grass-lines, and shrubs that most games rely on these days.

In some ways it seems like it’s trying to be a more action-oriented version of Mass Effect on a smaller scale or maybe a less role-playing centric version of Fallout?

Either way, if Within The Cosmos has tickled your fancy, be sure to look for the game to launch on Steam starting August 16th. So far the game looks pozz-free without any of that diversity degeneracy that has ruined so many other AAA franchises, so if you’re looking for pure escapism definitely give it a look.


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