Age Of Wonders: Planetfall Cheats Feature God Mode, Infinite Movement For Units
Age of Wonders Planetfall Cheats

Triumph Studios and Paradox Interactive’s Age of Wonders: Planetfall launched in August for the Xbox One, PS4 and on Steam for PC. The turn-based strategy game is one of the few titles that launched with built-in console command cheats, along with being supplied with some cheat trainers as well.

The console commands were made available on sites like GameWatcher, which outline some of the ways you can manipulate Age of Wonders: Planetfall without requiring any third-party tools.

To access the console hold down CTRL + Alt + C together. This will pull down the console menu. Type in the following cheats for the corresponding effects:

  • barentz – turns off fog of war and fully explores the level
  • cruijff – infinite movement for all units
  • hauer – level up all units and Heroes in the army you selected
  • hein – wins the match
  • leeuwenhoek – completes the ongoing Research
  • philips – completes the ongoing Production queue in all of your cities
  • rembrant – grants you 100 000 Energy and Cosmite
  • tasman – fully explores the level

The cheats basically give you the basics for completing the levels without worry. The only downside is the cumbersome task of opening the console and typing in the cheats during the match.

However, if you wanted some more refined cheats, those are available, too.

There are free and premium options available in a trainer from over on

The trainer features the following Age of Wonders: Planetfall cheats:

  • 1.000 Energy
  • +10.000 Energy
  • +100 Cosmite
  • +100 Influence
  • Map: 1 HP for opened unit
  • Map: Heal opened unit
  • Map: Automatic healing
  • Map: Infinite movement
  • City: +10 Accumulated happiness
  • City: -10 Accumulated happiness
  • City: +30 Food
  • City: 0 Food
  • Combat: God mode
  • Combat: OneHitKill
  • Combat: Fill unit experiences
  • Map: +10 Skillpoints opened commander
  • Map: 0 Skillpoints opened commander
  • Combat: Unlimited movement and actions
  • Combat: No AI movement and actions
  • 1 Turn Recruit
  • 1 Turn Construction
  • Instant research

As you can see, there are a ton of additional cheats you can make use of to further refine your experience in Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Most notably, though, is that you can change your resources on the fly or modify the construction and recruitment between turns.

There are a few caveats to using those cheats, however. For instance, you’ll need to disable the recruiting or the construction cheats before your turn ends, otherwise you could have some problems.

In any case, you still have access to a wide assortment of options to manipulate your gameplay experience in Age of Wonders.

There’s a premium trainer available as well from over on Cheat Happens.

I doubt most people would make use of it, but it’s there if you need it.

The Age of Wonders: Planetfall trainer contains the following cheats:

  • Unlimited Unit Movement Map
  • Unlimited Unit Movement Combat
  • Unlimited Combat Attack
  • Instant Research
  • Allow Instant Buy Troops/Buildings
  • One Turn Buildings
  • One Turn Units
  • Mega City Resource Production
  • Turns
  • Energy
  • Cosmite
  • Influence
  • Current Population
  • Max Population
  • Stored Food
  • Accumulated Happiness
  • Armor
  • Shield
  • Movement Range
  • HP
  • HP Max
  • Level
  • XP
  • Hero Skill Points

The trainer is brand new and designed to work with the latest version of the game, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it, but I tend to doubt the premium price will look enticing to most gamers.

As for Age of Wonders: Planetfall, the game is unfortunately rife with the kind of diversity-pushing agenda that most people have come to despise when used in AAA titles.

However, if you’re willing to overlook that drawback, the game is being hailed as a fairly competent 4x grand strategy game over on the Steam store by actual gamers. So that’s something to take into consideration as well.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is available right now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on Steam for PC.


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