Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer Briefly Shows How To Make Use Of Dog Commands

Blair Witch

Even though LionsGate Games and Bloober Team’s Blair Witch is supposed to release at the end of the month, we haven’t really seen much of the gameplay. But maybe that’s because there isn’t a lot of gameplay to see. They showcased a little bit of it in a new trailer that clocks in at a minute and a half, and we briefly get to see how to make use of the dog.

Usually Bloober Team games don’t have companions by your side, but in this case they do. The main character will be accompanied by a hound dog who helps seek out missing persons in difficult investigations.

During the video we see that players can command the dog to perform specific actions, from staying by your side to seeking out potential clues. The commands are utilized from an unobtrusive radial menu where you select the command you want and then the dog, if it’s willing, will carry it out. You can see that in action below with the new trailer.

Even though it’s labeled as an “official gameplay trailer”, it acts more as a companion trailer to the original story trailer, which is about a private investigator who joins in on a police case to find a missing girl in the woods.

When the investigator gets there he ends up getting lost and attempts to find his way out while also still searching for clues as to the girl’s whereabouts. Along the way he begins to hallucinate and see things, as well as experience strange supernatural encounters.

This kind of game fits right up Bloober Team’s alley, since they are masters of mental deception when it comes to throwing a swerve ball at players and sending them on a winding, twisting, demented journey into the very depths of the human psyche.

We’ll see how well it all comes together when Blair Witch launches as a digital title for Xbox One and PC starting August 30th.