Bloodline Trailer Has Seann William Scott Hunting Down And Torturing Abusive Parents

Blumhouse seems to be one of the only movie production companies that try new things when it comes to producing movies, and while they don’t always knock it out of the park at the very least they give the ‘ole heave-ho try. That’s probably one of the better compliments that could be shared about the upcoming horror-thriller starring Sean William Scott called Bloodline.

The gritty slasher sees Scott working as a social worker for troubled kids. He gets cases where abusive parents have been violently and physically traumatizing their children. He uses these cases to track down the parents, capture them, and then basically go all Dexter on them.

You can check out the trailer below to see what it’s all about.

The film definitely looks on the cheap side, but it seems to be driven more by the performance than by the effects. So if you’re into those kind of flicks then it might be worth checking out.

The hook for the film is that Scott’s character isn’t just dealing with abusive parents and taking them out with a manner of sharp objects, it’s also about his own troubled life and trying to provide a stable home for his pregnant wife.

All the meanwhile police begin to catch on to the trend in the murder victims and start investigating Scott’s character for his extracurricular activities.

He ends up having to balance work life, vigilante killing spree, and trying to raise his own child while the law comes down on him.

It looks like a mix of Mr. Brooks meets Dexter.

It could be an interesting flick given the conflicting theme of a parent taking justice into their own hands versus a broken system that shuffles kids around and keeps producing ineffectual degenerates, but I wonder if the film will go down that rabbit hole?

I guess we’ll find out when it hits theaters on September 20th.


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