Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling, Multiplayer 3D Wrestling Game Discounted For Nintendo Switch
Chiki Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling

Japanese developer The Pocket Company released their 3D wrestling game, Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling back in June. The budget-priced title afforded up to six players on the Nintendo Switch to either tag-team or go head-to-head against other players either locally or online, as well as partake in the game’s story mode. For a brief time you can get your hands on this digital, 3D wrestling title from over on the Nintendo eShop for nearly 35% off the normal purchasing price of $14.99 for a limited time.

That’s right, you can get your hands on Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling for only $9.89 for a limited time from the eShop.

The 3D multiplayer wrestling title features boxy, voxel visuals for the wrestlers, imitating LEGO-esque designs.

The main course of the game is the Grand Slam Tournament, where players who complete the matches will earn parts that they can use in the customization section to create their very own boxy wrestler.

In addition to competing in the Grand Slam Tournament, unlocking new moves and parts, and customizing your moves, stats, and appearance, you’ll also be able to participate in 1-on-1 matches, tag-team matches, and battle royal matches.

The game utilizes a simple control scheme that hearkens back to the old-school days of pro wrestling games, where you rapidly tap buttons to overpower your opponent in the grapple, unleash submissions while they’re on the ground, and perform basic attacks while standing.

You can move around the ring freely, perform moves off the Irish whip, climb the turnbuckle, and even execute mid-air specials.

To help give the game a little extra oomph and replayability, The Pocket Company added specialty matches that take place across dangerous environments, such as a volcano where lava slowly covers the ring, or on an iceberg where ice chunks will cause you to slip and fall, or outside in the forest where tornadoes might strike.

The game isn’t a sim-based title, so don’t go in expecting Fire Pro Wrestling levels of depth, but it looks like the sort of game that could provide some brief fun for gamers looking for a multiplayer pro wrestling title on the Switch that isn’t made by 2K Games.

For more info about Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling, feel free to visit the official website.


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