Halo: Infinite Creative Director Confirms His Departure From 343 Industries

Tim Longo has announced that he’s no longer with 343 Industries as Creative Director, which means he’s no longer working on Halo: Infinite. According to a recent post and update on his twitter reveals that Longo is already participating in something else.

You’ve likely heard of the rumors that Longo is no longer with 343 Industries, right? Well, this rumor has sparked talk amongst fans that Halo: Infinite is in trouble.

At this point, we’ll never know how the upcoming FPS game is doing behind the scenes and if things are on-track or not, but what is certain is that Longo is no longer the Creative Director for Halo: Infinite.

Taking a simple trip over to Longo’s Twitter account reveals that he is now a former Creative Director at 343 Industries and Halo: Infinite, which means he’s off doing something else:

“Former Creative Director @ 343i-Halo 5/Infinite. LucasArts CD-Republic Commando. Ex-CD & Franchise Director on Tomb Raider reboot. Co-host DevGameClub podcast.”

Further confirming that he is no longer apart of the next installment in the Halo series of games, Longo writes that Halo: Infinite has a “great team” working on it and he has “all the faith and trust in them” to deliver the upcoming game.

In addition to the above, he also mentions that his current project is “brewing,” but he can’t reveal what it is just yet:

Naturally, a lot of people replying to his farewell post want him to work on another Star Wars: Republic Commando game (given that Longo was the director for the 2005 FPS title), but Longo isn’t budging that easy to tell what his next project is at the moment.

So there’s that. The man who is interested in activism in gaming and left-wing politics, best known as Longo, is no longer working on Halo: Infinite and is off doing something else in secret.


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