New Trials Of Mana Gameplay Showcased Courtesy Of Dengeki Online

Square Enix has allowed Dengeki Online to show around seven minutes of Trials of Mana gameplay. The 2020 JRPG is a remake of Seiken Densetsu 3, and the new in-game footage reveals town interactions, the Full Metal Hugger, as well as Duran the swordsman, Lise the young Valkyrie princess, and Carlie the Priest of Light.

If you don’t know, the reason the devs are making a remake of this game is that it was never released overseas. Whether you’ve played this game before or if this new version will be your first with the series, Trials of Mana Remake will still be a fresh experience to both parties.

Speaking of a fresh experience, elements like combos and jump attacks are in the remake. However, the devs claim that this remake is the most action-heavy game in the series, but it’s still an action RPG through and through.

Also, almost all of the event scenes are fully voiced where 30-plus characters all have voices. Additionally, the devs are 100% certain that the voice cast “won’t damage/hamper the characters’ images.”

You can hear the voices for some of the characters in this remake by checking out Dengeki Online‘s playthrough:

If the game seems rough around the edges, it’s best to keep in mind that Trials of Mana is due out early 2020. In other words, the game has five-plus months of development time.

Furthermore, I bet Tokyo Game Show 2019 will bring more info on Trials of Mana, which the event is set to go live next month.

In the meantime, I’m excited to see the 1995 game come to the 21st century without any current year political stuff. Although the game isn’t in the clear just yet given, I do hope gamers can enjoy the remake unscathed when it launches for PC via Steam, PS4, and Switch in early 2020.

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