Die Young Set To Graduate Steam Early Access On September 12th
Die Young

Indie Gala’s Die Young has been in Early Access on Steam since June of 2017. The first-person horror-survival game managed to rack up quite the audience over the last two years, and it allowed the developers to build up a community and implement all the necessary core functions for the game. Well, following up on the release of the free-to-play Die Young: Prologue, which came out this past June, the developers announced that the full version of Die Young will launch on September 12th on Steam.

The news comes courtesy of a post made over on the Steam community page, where the developers explained that after years of working on the game, and the close call of eyeing a July release before pushing it back to September. In the post they also explain that technically the game could have released in the middle of August but it was too close too GamesCom, writing…

“While I am writing we are working with internal betatesters (yes, we have hired more of them following your advices ;-)) and we are testing all the endings. I am happy to announce that the game is complete in all its levels, it can be completely finished and the story of Daphne finally has an epilogue.


“Realistically, another week of cleaning and polishing, and without too much effort we could have launched on 9 or 10 August. But it wouldn’t have seemed appropriate for many reasons, too close to the August 15 holidays, too close to gamescom, ( I have been there personally since 2012 ;-)) so in the end, albeit reluctantly, i think we made the right call regarding the game by postponing the launch date in early September.”

That’s a smart strategy waiting until September, especially since it’s not a hefty month for big game releases.

Die Young was a slightly different breed of horror game from the others out there because it actually did (or does) allow you to fight back. You start off with nothing, trapped on an island with little more than your wits and the will to survive.

You have navigate your way through the island while attempting to outrun a maniac killer.

It’s a lot like a horror movie only you’re the one who gets to make the decisions.

You’ll need to collect resources and items, attempt to the necessary survival gear and fight your way off the island.

It’s a rare kind of survival-horror experience because it’s a game that gives you complete freedom to navigate and experiment with different styles of play. You can run and hide or attempt to outwit your foe or try to explore the island for a way to fight back.

Over time Die Young established its own fandom, and with good reason. You can actually check out a free version of the game via the Die Young: Prologue, which is actually available to play for free right now from over on the Steam store page.

You can purchase the Early Access version of Die Young right now or you can wishlist the game and wait for the full game to launch on September 12th by hitting up the Steam page.


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