Electronic Arts Will Reveal New Need For Speed Game On August 14th, 2019

Need for Speed Payback launched with microtransactions and current year diversity. In other words, this new Need for Speed that’s slated to debut on August 14th, 2019, will likely check all of the above and then some if EA and Ghost Games’ past track record hold any indication.

Last year EA and Ghost Games had to revise Need for Speed Payback’s progression, and bait crates since a lot of people were unhappy with the two systems.

Despite the loot-box controversy in the game filled with diversity quotas, big papa EA gave the devs a pass to work on another title. August 14th is the upcoming installment’s reveal date as per ea.com.

The above info confirms EA’s recent financial call where CEO Andrew Wilson notes that the company will reveal Need for Speed 2019 sometime “heading into Gamescom.”

Although this is speculation on my end, the game in question will likely hit the big three platforms for maximum exposure to sell those surprise mechanics. In other words, expect PC via Origin, PS4, and Xbox One to be in the equation at launch.

Another thing worth mentioning, multiple editions for Need for Speed 2019 are likely to go up given that Battlefield V and Anthem have different versions. I’d be shocked if the game releases with one edition, but with EA and its subsidiaries’ past actions, the chances, in this case, are too high not to.

With speculations out of the equation, sadly not much is known about Need for Speed 2019. I’m sure tomorrow will fix that and bring forth all sorts of info via a reveal or teaser trailer with a website update on EA’s official portal, but until then we can only speculate.

Lastly, August is reportedly the unveiling month for this Need for Speed while 2019 is the release window for the game housing surprise mechanics.


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