Fortnite Apparently Suffers Stability Issues On Xbox One Due To Kinect


The official Fortnite account on Twitter announced that some Xbox One users who have been suffering from stability issues may be encountering them due to the Xbox Kinect. Yes, even though the accessory has been retired for years and is no longer being supported, from beyond the technological grave its cold touch is shriveling up the enjoyment and gameplay experience of Fortnite players like over-the-hill thots ruining the first-time erections of Twitch’s young male audience.

The tweet was posted up on the official Fortnite account on August 1st, 2019. The identified problem has a rather simple fix: unplug the Kinect.

They don’t really go into detail about what the issue does in terms of the stability issues, but if I had to guess it’s likely that the Kinect 2.0 was zapping resources from the Xbox One and it was causing slowdown and frame-rate issues for players, or possibly longer than usual load times or memory caching, which would affect LOD pop-in, texture glitches, or objects or entities not loading in properly.

Of course we don’t really know exactly what the issues are since they weren’t outlined in the tweet, but in between scooping up exclusives for the Epic Games Store that results in developers ridiculing and mocking their own audience, I’m sure Epic Games will impart some time into patching the Xbox One version of the game so that those handful of users who still have a Kinect can still play the game fine while the discontinued device is plugged in.

Fortnite is available right now but everyone already knows that. There are also way better games out there to play than Fortnite, like Hunt: The Showdown.

(Thanks for the news tip EvaUnit02)

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