Homeland Security Subpoenas 8chan Owner Jim Watkins To Address “Extremist Content”

Jim Watkins, the owner of 8chan, has been subpoenaed by the Committee of Homeland Security, and is being called to appear before the Committee to answer questions related to the recent shootings, and how 8chan is purportedly responsible for allowing “extremist content” on the platform in relation to the Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas shootings.

The news comes courtesy of tweets from the official House of Homeland Security Committee, which tweeted out the following on August 14th, 2019.

This is a follow-up to the previous request sent by the Homeland Committee back on August 6th, 2019, where they asked for 8chan owner Jim Watkins to appear before Congress to answer questions related to what they claimed was “extremist content” on the site.

Watkins replied stating that he was heading back to America as he was receiving the letter from the Homeland Committee and that he would be available to speak via telephone.

He asked the Homeland Committee to give him a call and that his phone works worldwide.

The Homeland Committee’s tweets are lit-up with responses addressing the fact that 8chan is just an imageboard, and that all of the shooters in recent months also posted to and used Facebook and Instagram, and if CEO Mark Zuckerberg would be required to come before Congress to answer questions about his platform being used to promulgate “extremist content”.

Now to be fair to Zuckerberg in relation to addressing so-called “extremist content”, he did hand over his balls to the government and commit to the Christchurch Call as well as working with the global tech giants to call for worldwide censorship of “harmful content”.

So he’s technically already playing ball with the despots.

Watkins, on the other hand, still values freedom of speech, something that’s becoming increasingly rare in today’s society and valued by a thinning few. Obviously his championing of this endangered right has put him in the crosshairs of Congress, and they now want to question him on why he isn’t infringing on the First Amendment.

That’s not to mention that 8chan was forced down when the hosting providers and security services such as Cloudflare dropped the site, forcing it underground.

[Correction: Originally the article stated that 8chan could be found on Zeronet, but it’s being said that no one from 8chan had anything to do with with setting up Zeronet.]

What’s more is that this is all ignoring the fact that the Dayton shooter was actually a Leftist, Antifa supporter, as reported by Death Metal, and wasn’t even a white supremacist. So it looks like the Homeland Committee needs to brush up on their facts before throwing around salacious and unfounded allegations at Watkins. Of course, such libelous claims would only come back to bite them on the butt if they were in a country with an honest government.

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