Infinity: Battlescape Promises Hundreds Of Players Battling On A Single Server

The last time we reported on Infinity: Battlescape was not too long ago, and it dealt with visual improvements. As it stands now, the devs aim to bring hundreds of players on a single server to throw down in space.

I bet you’re rolling your eyes at another space sim that’s an MMO, right? Well, it looks like the devs behind Infinity: Battlescape, I-Novae Studios, are looking to make some noise by adding in hundreds of players on a single server at or beyond launch.

The above information comes from Infinity: Battlescape’s Steam description, which makes mention of supporting hundreds or thousands of players on a single server. Additionally, players will be able to join one of the many corporate factions and fight for domination through a seamless, true-to-scale procedural star system. Massive space and planetary battles involving hundreds of ships are one of the games many selling points:

“Infinity: Battlescape is a multiplayer space-combat game taking place across a massive, true-to-scale procedurally generated star system that is 100% seamless (no loading screens). Multiple corporate factions are fighting for control of a solar system in a war involving hundreds of players, potentially more than a thousand per-server (without instancing), that can last from hours to days. Coordinate with other players to destroy enemy infrastructure around strategic locations, referred to as Battlescape’s, across a wide range of gorgeous environments including barren moons, gas giants, volcanic planets, asteroid rings, and more.”

I should bring up that publisher Grapeshot Games, and developer Instinct Games tried the same marketing tactic with the MMO pirate game Atlas and failed hard.

Despite not being Atlas and having a scale of hundreds of players and not an immense scale with up to 40,000 simultaneous players, this game does have community test sessions and visual proof thanks to the following videos on I-Novae Studios‘ YouTube channel:

Overall, the game doesn’t look that bad and might scratch sci-fi space sim fans itch. In other words, folks looking to play with other people in the triple-digit zone on a single server have until Q4 2019 to go hands-on with said title.

In the meantime, you can find out more info on this PC game by hitting up its Steam store page or


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