Madden NFL 20 Cheats Let You Have Infinite Score, Stamina
Madden NFL 20 Cheats

Electronic Arts’ Madden NFL 20 decided to abandon the Longshot story that they had been building up in the previous two entries, and focus on trying to win people back after the failed attempt to use “diversity” to sell the game. For those who purchased the game on PC from the Origin store, there are some cheats available.

The first cheat trainer is available for download from over on

You can check out the Madden NFL 20 cheats below:

  • +6 Score-point Team 1
  • +6 Score-point Team 2
  • -6 Score-point Team 1
  • -6 Score-point Team 2
  • +30s Game clock
  • -30s Game clock
  • Set 1st down
  • Freeze game clock
  • +5s Play clock
  • -5s Play clock
  • Set play clock to zero
  • Freeze play clock
  • Next Team get’s the Ball
  • Set first quarter
  • Set forth quarter
  • Set 4th down
  • Set Overtime/end game

Each of the cheats allow you to easily manipulate the game so-much-so that you can easily give yourself all the points you need and you won’t have to worry about actually utilizing any skill to do so.

There’s a second cheat trainer available for download from over on Cheat Happens.

It’s a premium trainer so it will require a membership if you want to make use of the Madden NFL 20 trainer.

You can check out the cheat options below:

  • Reset Game Clock
  • Reset Play Clock
  • Delay of Game
  • Unlimited Defense Play Call Clock
  • Set First Down
  • Set Fourth Down
  • Set Team Has Ball
  • Full Endurance Every Play
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Team Score

As usual, you gain access to everything that is available form the MegaDev trainer but with a few added options.

The game itself completely overhauls the career experience by starting players off in college first, where you’ll have to work your way up the ranks and eventually earn a spot on the official NFL roster. You’ll play as a quarterback who has to work hard and proceed from the bottom and make your way to the top, including playing through Pro Bowls and eventually making it to the Super Bowl.

It’s a steep departure from the cinematic-based storyline that they introduced several years ago starring some C-list actors.

Madden NFL 20 is available right now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but only PC gamers and those with modded consoles will be able to make use of the cheat trainers.


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