Mortal Kombat Live-Action Movie Casts Josh Lawson As Kano, Hiroyuki Sanada As Scorpion
Mortal Kombat Scorpion

James Wan’s live-action Mortal Kombat seems to be shaping up to be a real maelstrom of disappointment. The casting hasn’t been great for the film at all, with a couple of race-swaps happening right off the bat. Well, the latest casting news centers around Kano, Sonya Blade, and Scorpion.

According to Film Goblin, Josh Lawson has been plucked from the actor’s pool to play as the cybernetically enhanced leader of the Black Dragon clan. If you don’t know who Josh Lawson is, don’t worry… neither do we.

Film Goblin notes that Lawson is an Australian actor known for a bit part in House of Lies. You can see how Lawson measures up against Kano in the comparison below.

On the upside, they did at least cast a complete hottie for Sonya Blade. Australian actress Jessica McNamee will be taking on the role of the U.S., special forces agent. McNamee also had a small role in the blockbuster The Meg, which starred Jason Stathom.

McNamee is drop-dead gorgeous, but I don’t think she has any kind of background in martial arts, which could pose a problem. However, if she’s there just to be eye-candy and for straight men to ogle, then it’s all good. No complaints here.

Now the best casting decision out of everyone is actually Hiroyuki Sanada. Film Goblin grabbed the news from a headline over on Variety, where they revealed that the iconic Japanese actor would be donning the role of the iconic video game martial arts specter from the Nether Realm.

Sanada has been in quite a few martial arts flicks, as well as some mainstream projects like ABC’s Lost, Fox’s The Wolverine, Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, Rush Hour 3 and even Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame.

Unfamiliar with Sanada’s work? No worries, check out his fight scenes below.

That’s not a bad selection for Scorpion at all, especially given Scorpion’s propensity to rely on his samurai sword skills during combat. If Sanada was ten years younger it not only would have been perfect casting but it would also could have been perfect to setup a franchise spin-off starring the Japanese veteran.

Anyway, last and least are Chin Han who is playing Shang Tsung and Lewis Tan. I don’t know who Tan is playing but it’s probably Sub-Zero.

I’m not looking forward to this abomination in the making at all, but if you are excited about it you can look for it to hit theaters on March 21st, 2021.

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