My Days With The Demoness, Romantic Comedy Visual Novel Takes To Kickstarter
My Days With The Demoness

Blissful Work’s And Top Hat Studios announced that My Days With The Demoness is currently seeking funds over on Kickstarter. The romantic visual novel landed on the crowdfunding platform, with a 30 day campaign seeking just $5,000. They’ve already managed to accrue $2,500 with 28 days to go. So it’s more than likely that after managing more than 50% of the campaign in just a couple of days they’ll likely manage to hit their goal in no time flat.

The visual novel centers around a hot demoness who ends up being teleported into our world, right into the lap of the main protagonist, Asaki Tomohiro. This all takes place due to a teleportation prototype that Asaki made after attempting to contact other worlds.

Asaki garners some help dealing with the demoness, Nero, thanks to his friends Raimu Emihara and Hiroto Kadoriki helping him out.

Nero despises humans but eventually has to rely on Asaki to fix the machine in hopes of returning her to her own world. Along the way hijinks ensue and romance buds.

The romantic comedy is planned to clock in at anywhere between five and ten hours worth of play-time, and will launch as an all-ages version upon release on Steam. There will be an off-site R18+ patch available to bump up the spiciness of the story and give gamers something a little extra to sink their teeth into.

There will be 15 different locations featured in the visual novel, more than 20 different CG illustrations, and more than 15 original songs made for the soundtrack.

My Days With The Demoness – Portal

If all goes as planned they expect to have the visual novel completed and out for purchase by January, 2020 next year.

If you’re not entirely convinced about putting money in the coffers of Top Hat Studios, you can check out a free demo of My Days With The Demoness by grabbing a copy from over on the page.

If you are interested in helping crowdfund the project, you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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