My.Games To Bring PC Gamers A New Storefront Come Q4 2019

It looks like Steam,, and the Epic Games Store won’t be the only storefronts on the block, well “big” clients on the block. In recent news, a report says that My.Games is looking to enter the digital battle space in an attempt to make it a four-way client race for PC gamers.

I’m not a fan of Steam, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that I despise the Epic Games Store, but it looks like another company with its very own controversies billed as “My.Games” is joining the PC storefront fray.

If you don’t know, is an international subsidiary of Mail.Ru. happens to work under brands and services such as My.Mail, My.Chat, My.Games and Maps.Me. As an additive, My.Games is also a contributor/publisher over the following titles:

  • Lucky Fields
  • Poker Arena
  • Jungle Heat
  • Warface
  • Legend: Legacy of the Dragons
  • RiotZone
  • Allods Online
  • Evolution: Battle for Utopia
  • Might And Glory: Kingdom War
  • Armored Warfare
  • Skyforge
  • World of Speed
  • Revelation Online
  • Conqueror’s Blade

Now that you know what this company has to offer, Rodion Kotelnikov — head of the My.Games Store — had this to say on

“Our platform has been tailor-made for the Russian-speaking audience. Over the years, we’ve created unique technology, monetization systems, and the expertise needed to succeed in this market. We are now ready for the next step – taking the platform international. For our international partners, this will open the door to our platform’s multi-million audience, while the players will gain access to a broader range of games.”

Aside from publishing games, developing games, and now launching a new international PC storefront, the company boasts that it’s an e-sports supporter and partnered with Chinese developer iDreamSky (a Tencent backed company).

Additionally, My.Games will also feature integration with Lootdog so that gamers can trade “in-game items for real money,” and Donation Alerts for monetizing content streamed.

Lastly, Future publishers and developers will be offered a “competitive” 70|30 revenue split to distribute titles through said storefront — much like Steam and other big console players.

All of the above is set to release Q4 2019.

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