NBA 2K20 MyTeam Trailer Gets Ratioed For Being An Unabashed Gambling Ad

No shame, no remorse. No guilt, no honor. 2K and Visual Concepts have released a new trailer for NBA 2K20 that happens to be unabashed ad space for in-game gambling. The upcoming sports game is due out Q3 of this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Remember the piece we threw up on NBA 2K20 likely having predatory microtransactions and intrusive ads? Well, sadly we were right that the game has both before hitting store shelves and the digital scene.

The greed on display would make you think that you took an actual trip to a casino and back, but the kicker is that the ad for MyTeam for NBA 2K20 shows all of the “good” that comes along with wasting your time and money on card packs and other random “goodies” without showing the actual predatory side of said system.

Anyway, here’s the trailer in full which comes from the official 2K United Kingdom‘s YouTube channel:

If greed were a physical entity, it would even have to blush in jealousy.

In other words, the saying “be cruel to the kind and you’ll take every fool” couldn’t ring truer in this case in that the usual suspects will pick up the sports game at launch.

Surprisingly, though, gamers and fans took up the opportunity to ratio the newly released trailer by downvoting it into oblivion:


Behold, just because the trailer has a bad wrap as of now does not mean it won’t sell well or its gambling mechanics.

At this point, I can only imagine the controversy this game will bring with it at launch. I’m not sure if it will surpass Electronic Arts and DICE Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s loot-box debacle or if it will be on par, but what is for sure is that headlines are waiting to surface with this one.

NBA 2K20 will release Q3 this year for PC and home consoles continuing the annual cycle.

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