Ooblets Dev Calls Potential Customers “Toxic”, “Baby Gamers”

Ooblets Toxic Gamers

Glumberland’s Ooblets garnered a lot of attention at E3 for its relaxing gameplay, warm colors, and arts-and-crafts style aesthetic. However, the derivative Animal Crossing sim found itself and its developers in hot water when it was revealed that the game would be an Epic Games Store exclusive for year, resulting in the developers making a condescending post on their website, berating gamers for not wanting to support the Epic Games Store. Well, as if the blog post wasn’t enough, the developers took to their Discord channel to further berate and badger gamers for not bending over to the deranged whims of Glumberland.

After a post on the /r/PCGaming/ sub-reddit garnered more than 13,000 upvotes, the developments from Discord were made front and center as part of the ongoing story involving the controversy of Epic Games Store exclusive via YongYea. He did a 30 minute video on how the Ooblets developers have

The images from the Glumberland developers being snide come directly from their Discord channel. There’s an imgur album featuring all of their inane comments, which you can check out below.


Perplamps from Glumberland has some truly hot takes on the situation, reacting to people reacting to their smarmy blog post by writing…

“if anything you guys make me want to rip into gamers more??”

One user pointed out that the developers weren’t just talking to redditors and channers, but other core customers who could have otherwise been potential customers that showed interest in Ooblets. The one user states that his enthusiasm was “killed” after reading their blog post ridiculing gamers. Perplamps responded by writing…

“The frothing anger over literally, a free game launcher you don’t like, is proof that the tone matched the target of that tone, and that target is not the audience of Ooblets who is honestly above that stuff.”

Perplamps seems to be forgetting that a lot of people don’t have a problem with a free launcher, they have a problem with datamining, especially when that data-mining involves a company with ties to the largest Chinese State-affiliated corporation on the planet… Tencent.

Then again, most indie developers on the West Coast are Communists, so it’s no surprise that they would support inhumane State parties like mainland China and their censorship policies and concentration camps.

The real kicker, though, was Perplamps comments about why they didn’t run a Kickstarter, saying they didn’t want “baby gamers” holding any power over them.

They go on to continue to mock and deride their critics and the gaming community at large, calling them “toxic gamers” and “entitled”.

This is the exact sort of communication methods you use to burn bridges, and Glumberland seems to have done a fine job of burning bridges with the gaming community.

Thankfully they’ve been getting called out for it from YouTubers like TheQuartering, who took them to task for their stupidity.

The big tell will be if gamers continue to support these developers even after calling them “toxic” and “entitled”? There seems to be a battered wife syndrome with a lot of gamers where they’ll justify staying in an abusive relationship because they’ve been brainwashed by Left-wing media to accept low standards, Communistic censorship, and privacy-invading terms.

Will other  YouTubers and gamers finally stand up and say “enough is enough!” or will they maintain their Stockholm Syndrome and keep supporting people who are outright declaring their hatred for their own consumer base?

[Update:] It appears as if Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, supports the Ooblets‘ developers statements. In a Twitter thread published on August 3rd, 2019, Sweeney stated the following…

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