Pajama Llama Is Releasing Flotsam Into Early Access on September 26th

Flotsam was the 2017 Grand Prix and Game Design award winner at the White Nights conference held in Prague. Over two years later it is finally ready to head out to Early Access on Steam. I know you are dying to know what Flotsam is exactly, so allow me to tell you.

Flotsam is set in a post apocalyptic world that is completely flooded. You are tasked with salvaging the floating junk and using it to improve your town. It is a more family friendly take on Kevin Costner’s Water World if you will. On September 26 you can be a part of that world and play Flotsam in early access.

The creators of Flotsam say they were inspired by a “…an animation project one of our founders created, about people living in a flooded world”. Honsetly, if the developers weren’t Belgian I migt think they were lying. The previously mentioned Water World jumped to my mind the second I saw Flotsam’s trailer. A trailer you too can enjoy by checking out their YouTube channel.

Be careful when you watch the video. I say this because you may fall asleep watching it and fall out of your chair. Billy can’t afford to settle another lawsuit from some OAG reader who clicked a link and suffered a head injury after falling out of his chair.

All snark aside, this game looks colorful and has some relaxing music and sounds.

If you’re looking for a family friendly town survival game then Flotsam might be right up your alley. Flotsam is short on action and competitive game play.

I suspect there will be plenty of environmental messages put into this game about recycling floating garbage. Damn it, I said all snark aside. I just can’t turn it off can I? Anyways, as you can probably tell there isn’t much to say about Flotsam.


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