Parasite’s Trailer Manages To Be Captivating And Intriguing Without Spoiling A Thing
Parasite (2019)

Whenever Hollywood produces a trailer for a big (or small) film, it usually gives away a ton of spoilers. Avengers: Endgame was one of the few movies where the trailers didn’t give away a thing, but tons of other films spoil everything, sort of like The Hunt, which was unceremoniously cancelled due to the ranging lunacy of those of on the Right. In some cases, though, a film manages to land a perfect balance between showcasing just enough to get you interested, but not showing enough to spoil anything about the film. That’s exactly the balance that Neon and CJ Entertainment managed to encapsulate within the two minute trailer of Parasite.

So if you’re not already familiar with the South Korean flick from writer and director Bong Joon Ho, then you’re likely in for a treat. The trailer starts one way and ends completely different.

The trailer originally follows the Park family, who grift their way through life, pulling off cons and trying to take short cuts where possible. This eventually leads the eldest son into the abode of a fairly well-to-do family in need of an English tutor. The first half of the trailer seems like it might be somewhat of a dramedy, but then things take a turn. You can check the trailer below courtesy of Neon.

I’m not really sure what’s going on in the second half of the trailer, but it looks like things get a bit grim.

Some blood splatter is seen but we have no idea whose it is, as well as some quick clips of characters gesticulating consternation and shock, while other scenes appear to depict some characters on the verge of exercising violence.

All of these scenes and instances – interspersed brilliantly with pithy quotes from critics – are cut together to give viewers a perfectly uncanny sense of both captivation and dread.

I still don’t really know what the film is about and I’m not going to find out until I see it for myself. The accumulation of suspense throughout the two minute piece is masterfully crafted, and the music is definitely on point.

Based on the clips and comments from critics when the film played at the Cannes Film Festival, it’s supposed to be a commentary on the disparity in social classes, but it may also be a bit more than that. Again, I’ll find out when I check out the film for myself.

If you’re interested in seeing Parasite – which has nothing to do with the anime called Parasyte, by the way – you can look for it to arrive in theaters on October 11th in the U.S.


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