Rambo: Last Blood Trailer Brings Out The Knives, Guns, Blood And Guts
Rambo Last Blood

Ahead of the September 20th release for one of the most badass movies coming out this year, Lionsgate dropped a new minute-long trailer for Rambo: Last Blood, the final entry in the long-running action series that started back in the early 1980s.

The new trailer actually calls back to Rambo’s days as a soldier, his unhinged rampage on a small town, and eventually him making peace with the violence that courses through his veins. The trailer then sets up why this is the last blood being drawn, and what Rambo is drawing that blood for.

It turns out that his niece was captured by a Mexican drug cartel, and he’s intent on getting her back. He ventures into Mexico to do so only to come across a heavily armed gang.

He eventually lures them back to his ranch near the border and sets up shop with booby-traps and all manner of high-end weaponry to dispense of the criminal-minded thugs. You can check out the trailer below to see all the mayhem and carnage that Rambo dispenses along the way.

This is what you might consider to be a by-the-books trailer. It sets up who the hero and the main character is; it sets up who the villains are, and it sets up what the motivation is for both the hero and the villains. In between we get action sequences featuring Rambo dismembering guys with his huge bowie knife, as well as peppering baddies with a machine gun, and donning his iconic bow and arrow set.

I can’t complain about what was showcased in the trailer. It looks like a really good, hard-boiled, action-thriller.

Also, huge props to Stallone for taking this franchise and the concept of John Rambo and evolving it over time to branch out into different action sub-genres. The first film was more of a character-driven small town thriller, where-as the second film was an out-and-out jungle war flick, the third film kind of followed in the footsteps of the second but was far bigger and the most bombastic of the anthology, while the fourth tried grounding itself around the theme of modern-day war crimes, and the fifth delves into the drug/human trafficking trade.

It’s an interesting evolution of a series that at least maintains some measure of consistency while trying new things as well. I can’t say the same for many other franchises that have been going on for years, like Terminator or Aliens, both of which have fallen way off track.

Anyway, you can look for Rambo: Last Blood to launch in theaters on September 20th. It looks like a really good sendoff to a classic action hero of a bygone era. It’s a shame to see it end given that we’re currently in an age where Hollywood has been pussified beyond recognition, but at the same time it’s better to let old dogs find rest than to keep trotting them out for a fight they know they can’t win.


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