Razer Partners With Tencent Cloud To Take Cloud Gaming “To The Next Level”

It looks like Razer and the giant Chinese corporation Tencent (Tencent Cloud to be specific) are partnering up to take cloud gaming “to the next level.” Both companies have not shared an estimated time of date as to when this new cloud gaming platform will launch, but the partnership is in the works.

You do know the new “trendy” thing in the games sphere, right? Well, it’s cloud gaming. Not only are big tech companies looking to expand on this very thing, but many corporations are also tag-teaming as if they were in a wrestling match.

The latest duo to enter into the ring of cloud gaming consists of Razer and everyone’s favorite Chinese company Tencent. Yes, Tencent Cloud will help out Razor to bring gamers the “next level” of said tech — regarding hardware and software.

The announcement came out of nowhere and landed on Twitter to act as a surprise piece of news:

According to the responses to this new announcement, it seems more like a forewarning that places Razer and Tencent Cloud in the incompetence box. The list of replies to said partnership on the next level of cloud gaming sit below:

The true question that remains unanswered is: how long will this service stay active until it goes broke? Another important query is, how hard will the games media shill for this service until it implodes on itself? While those questions remain in mystery, all we know right now is that Razer and Tencent Cloud are partners to create a new cloud gaming platform.


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