Remedy’s Thomas Puha Says Control On PC Is Not Downgraded

Not too long ago, publisher 505 Games and developer Remedy released Control’s PC requirements for the Epic Games Store. The specs on the controversial storefront were ludicrous and had people laughing at the whole situation. Recently, Control’s PC requirements were lowered and now Thomas Puha, head of communications at Remedy, claims the game hasn’t faced any downgrades.

Although the game is in the mass production phase due to it going gold, the minimum and recommended PC specs in late July told another story. In early August, the devs “seemingly fixed” the game’s PC specs but some people believe that the game will run or play un-optimized, though time will tell.

As it stands now, people around the net are still talking about the above, which includes the place that acts like a portal for human degeneracy: Resetera (

Although said forum houses actual doxing, harassment campaigns and other detrimental stuff, for some reason Remedy’s Puha took to the forum to answer some questions.

And like clockwork, Puha stumbled across the aforesaid topic regarding Control, which comes from user -IZHAN-:

“Remedy Entertainment Recently Lowers The PC Requirements For Control so it the game downgraded now?”

Puha’s reply sees the contractions of “it is” (it’s) and “its” (the possess pronoun) confused in an attempt to discredit Control being a victim of the oh-so-familiar downgrade monster:

“No, its not downgraded.”

The response by Puha to the curious user on the abominable forum is only words with no actual proof backing it. Sadly, we have to wait for August 27th, 2019, to roll around to see whether or not the game is properly optimized.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that witty devs often wait a week or two weeks before unveiling a game’s PC specs to make sure that a situation like this doesn’t happen. But as stated before, we’ll find out how optimized Control is at launch.