Richard “Levelord” Gray Briefly Touches On His Past, Present, And Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is one of those strange games that you see and want to see more of because of its visuals and storytelling through its unique world. With that said, Duke Nukem 3D and SiN level designer, Richard “Levelord” Gray, briefly touches on his past and how he got involved with Mundfish’s Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is said by Mundfish to provide players with a “strange mystery” to solve, a list of weapons to wield, gun and appearance customization to fiddle around with, the ability to play stealthy, and the opportunity to fight Soviet robots and zombies in an alternate universe.

If all of that sounds like something fun, Mundfish has a new video up featuring Richard “Levelord” Gray. In the latest video, he talks about what he did, why he left the games industry, and why he came back to it.

As an additive to the above, Gray notes what differences have appeared whilst he was away from the interactive medium and how it’s different.

One part that’s interesting about the video is how Gray shoots down a floating rumor that started six months back. The rumor, in short, claims that Atomic Heart is in “development hell.” We’ll, Gray says that couldn’t be any further from the truth in that development on Atomic Heart is ongoing by veterans.

Anyway, you can hear Gray’s full interview with Mundfish regarding the aforementioned and then some by checking out the new video:

“In the past games were made by small teams with primitive technologies. Nowadays, games are a new reality. The veteran of the industry, Richard «Levelord» Gray, tells how the Mundfish studio creates Atomic Heart.”

In one section of the video near the middle-end, Gray says that Atomic Heart has “seamless levels” without load screens. I’m not sure if it will be like this at launch, but if it is, that’s cool.

If you want to discover an alternate universe of the Soviet Union and join special agent P-3 on his investigation to figure out what went wrong when unsuccessfully landing on enterprise 3826, you can join him sometime Q4 2019 when the closed beta goes live. According to, the actual game is slated to launch this year on PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.


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