Ron Toye, Sean Schemmel Hypocrisy Highlighted In New Videos

Sean Schemmel

Affidavits for Ron Toye and sound clips of Sean Schemmel have surfaced, and it hasn’t reaped very positive results for both individuals. New information surrounding both individuals has surfaced and it doesn’t look pretty for the #KickVic side.

Toye is currently involved in a lawsuit filed by voice actor Vic Mignogna, because it alleges that Toye and his fiance, Monica Rial, tortiously interfered with Mignogna’s career. Schemmel, however, works at Funimation as the English voice actor of Goku in the Dragon Ball series, and used to work with Mignogna when the latter was at Funimation. Schemmel has been roped into the controversy surrounding the whole #KickVic movement, usually showing support for certain #KickVic people or sniping at Mignogna indirectly.

The Ron Toye situation surfaced as part of the ongoing lawsuit, which originally saw Toye being deposed back in July, as reported by Bounding Into Comics.

Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta has been tracking the minutiae of the lawsuit, including streaming some of the key details about people like Toye and Schemmel. YouTuber Yellow Flash did a recap of one of Rekieta’s streams, detailing abuse allegations from one of Toye’s former partners.

At around the 4:44 mark one of the documents recounts a voice message that Toye sent to his former spouse back on July 2nd, 2012, where he said…

“If I were you, I would call me back pretty fucking quick. Because I told you about hanging up on me, okay? It’s not like you do a lot, or you have to do a lot, seeing as you are afforded the opportunity to stay fucking home. So if I need you to come and get me, guess what that means, you fucking come and get me. Otherwise, I will take your car and you can fucking hitch-hike and figure out how to get around, cause I pay all the fucking bills. I don’t like being hung up on. You don’t like fights? Don’t do stuff to provoke me. You know you fucking provoke me when you hang up on me. Okay? I didn’t ask you to do anything for your mom. Your mom has another daughter who lives with her, named [redacted] who can pick her ass up. I don’t give a shit about your sister. I need to get something taken care of. Don’t fucking hang up on me again or you can fucking walk around.”

But it wasn’t just his second ex-wife that he was surly toward.

Toye also threatened unkind things toward the judge responsible for the protection order that came from his first ex-wife, with the affidavit quoting Toye, who stated…

“If somehow, because I understand that, if, but see if somehow……The judge better hope (not) he doesn’t have kids either, cause I will fucking…..It seriously if something comes through with [redacted] is my anchor to sanity. If something happens there, it’s gonna be very bad for a lot of people like the judge, [redacted], and his family. Everyone.”

Unsurprisingly the #KickVic side has come out in support of Toye, with his fiance, Monica Rial, running to his defense.

Kotaku In Action 2 spotted tweets from Rial, who claimed that people didn’t know the whole story and that Toye’s exes were actually the abusers.

Once bitten, twice shy.

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The real story with Toye is that while he was one of the individuals leading the #KickVic campaign to get Vic Mignogna ejected from the voice acting industry for allegedly abusing fans and coworkers, Toye’s checkered past definitely makes it look like a situation where moral crusaders are casting stones from a glass house.

In any case, it looks bad on Toye’s part trying to destroy a man’s career based on unproven allegations of abuse while having a past entombed in uncouth behavior… according to the documents.

Speaking of uncouth… Sean Schemmel – the voice of Goku – ended up being the talk of the anime circles for clips that surfaced on one of Rekieta’s streams.

If you have the time you can view the entire stream below, which was published on the Rekieta Law YouTube channel.

The clips played throughout the stream, and were then uploaded online and spread around social media.

Rekieta and others even made links available on a Google Drive account, which you can download from right here.

If you’re unable to download the clips, various people have been uploading them to YouTube, so you can listen to them there.

In one instance YouTuber theHedgex1 combined Schemmel’s comments with a video clip from Dragon Ball Z.

Some people pointed out the hypocrisy of the #KickVic people claiming that Mignogna engaged in misconduct and crude behavior while they themselves also behaved crudely. It really throws the claims for a tailspin.

Fellow Funimation cohort, Chris Sabat – the voice of Vegeta from Dragon Ball – also found himself the subject of scrutiny when some comments surfaced of him taking aim at the fans, as reported by YouTuber Hero Hei.

All of this is to basically say that the people who have been assiduously trying to deplatform Vic Mignogna and cost him his career are no saints themselves.

The longer the lawsuit plays out and the more information that surfaces the less chivalrous the accusers look. But then again the Social Justice types always project.

(Thanks for the news tip Joey The Garland)

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