Running With The Devil Trailer Has Nicholas Cage Neck Deep In The Drug Trade
Running With The Devil

Nicholas Cage hasn’t been making many good movies recently, except for a few hidden indie gems every now and then, like Mandy or Drive Angry, but it looks like someone at Hollywood wants to give Cage a second chance with the upcoming Running With The Devil, which is a movie that covers the ins and outs of the cross-continental drug trade, from the fields, to the planes, to the night clubs, to the city streets and everywhere else in between.

The film is about Cage being a district supplier who finds himself coming up short in a shipment from another regional supplier played by Laurence Fishburne.

The duo end up teaming up to correct the error and make amends for the mistake, all while the feds attempt to unravel the operation from within. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Rapid Trailer.

Based on the thumbnail I thought this was going to be a low-budget piece of schlock, but I was duly surprised to see that as far as the cinematography and locations are concerned, this looks like a legitimate film.

There are also a number of other supporting cast members in the flick that makes it appear as if it’s more than just a DTV cash-in. Barry Pepper, Clifton Collins Jr., Leslie Bibb, and one of my personal favorites, Cole Hauser, help round out the cast, adding some gravitas to the overall theme of drug-running.

I’m not entirely sure what the underlying message is of the film, other than that drug-running is dangerous, but I’m curious if they’ll dive into any other subtext regarding the corruption surrounding illegal drug distribution in America or if they’ll just focus on the perils and pillars of trying to get it across the border?

It’s tough to tell right now if this will be one of those films that looks good on the surface but breaks down into a mess upon further viewing, sort of like Harrison Ford’s Crossing Over?

Anyway, the film is due out this September on the 13th… assuming it doesn’t get shot in the back of the head and buried underneath an old lead freezer by the termite-infested barn, which is next to that wire-caged chicken coop… just like what Universal did to The Hunt in the wake of outrage cultists begging for the film to be banned.


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