Sega Reveals Brand New Teaser Site For Game “Human Kind”

It seems like Sega fans are in for a surprise come Gamescom 2019. Yes, a new triple-A Sega game is reported to appear at the European version of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, with the blockbuster title in question assumed to be “Human Kind” or “HMKD.”

According to website Gematsu, Sega has launched a teaser website rocking both the name Human Kind and HMKD whilst boasting an e-mail sub to “be the first to know” whatever is in the pipeline for gamers and fans alike.

The publication site also shows off a teaser image for HMKD, which is a heart rate monitor with a spike or surge on-screen. You can check out the image below or on


The site in question reports that back in December 2018, Sega filed a trademark for “Humankind” in Japan, and later stretching that trademark to the U.S. and Canada in April of this year.

Sadly, not much else is out in the wild on this mystery game. With that said, Gematsu believes that this tease coincides with Sega’s mysterious triple-A game since the teaser trailer has gone live a week before Gamescom 2019.

However, one clue is out right now, and that is Creative Assembly — the ones behind the Total War series of games — is not helping out on HMKD. We know this thanks to a Creative Assembly PR person posting up on Total War: Three Kingdoms‘ sub-reddit that HMKD “is not a CA game.”

What is known now is that Sega has a teaser site up for a title called Humankind or HMKD. This new title is speculated to be Sega’s upcoming triple-A game that’s to appear at Gamescom 2019.

Lastly, what do you think Sega is planning to reveal? Do you think this HMKD game is the triple-A title ready for Gamescom 2019 or no?


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