Syberia: The World Before Announced

Syberia 3

Microids announced that there’s a new Syberia game in the works. Microids vice president Elliot Grassiano confirmed that the game is in the works and that it’s currently in development to continue the next chapter in Benoit Sokal’s ongoing franchise.

Gematsu is reporting that Grassiano commented in the press release for the upcoming game, saying…

“Two years after the release of the last episode, we understand that fans are curious and eager to discover the next installment of the adventure from our much-loved Kate Walker. The game is already under development and we are delighted to be reunited with Benoit Sokal’s unique universe. This latest adventure will offer fans of the series a chance to learn more about our heroine and re-immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the first games.”

Sokal noted that the game will pick up where the last journey left off and continue her adventure where Syberia 3 ended.

Sokal also wanted to improve the amount of automatons you encounter and add more puzzles to solve.

What’s interesting is that Syberia: The World Before has been in development for the last 18 months. So that means that directly after Syberia 3 finished, they began working on Syberia: The World Before.

It makes sense given that the game ended the way it did that they would instantly begin working on the next entry to pick up where they last left off.

The game is being propped up as being designed for fans of the series, so unlike a lot of other franchises that are being designed for a phantom audience, Microids is keeping Syberia attuned for people who actually like the puzzle-adventure motif of the series, sort of the complete opposite of what The Coalition is doing with Gears 5, which is being fine-tuned to appeal to the feminist crowd.

Anyway, there’s no release date on Syberia: The World Before nor did they outline what platforms the game would be available for. They also didn’t release any gameplay footage nor any screenshots, hence the image of Syberia 3 for the main header. Details on the game’s release and platforms are likely coming soon, though.

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