System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Is Coming Soon

System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition

Nightdive Studios announced that they will be releasing System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition soon. The company took to Twitter to make the announcement using a couple of hashtags and an old 3 and 1⁄2-inch floppy disk icon.

The tweet was posted on August 11th, 2019, with the developers keeping the news short, sweet, and simple.

There are no further details other than that tweet. They’ve been retweeting other outlets who announced the news, but offered no further details on what “coming soon” means or how soon is “soon”.

The company just recently did some port work on Turok for the Nintendo Switch, which launched as a two-pack on Nintendo little hybrid that could.

Before that the company wasn’t being viewed in the best of light within the community when it was revealed that they had to scrap and restart the System Shock Remake after getting wildly off course. They offered an update on the project back in July of 2018, but apparently are also working on the definitive edition of System Shock 2 as well.

The entire cluster funk regarding the System Shock Remake might actually dampen this news given that it makes one question: will the definitive edition of System Shock 2 get trapped in development hell, too?

Now that’s not to mention that there’s also System Shock 3, which is in development by Otherside Entertainment. That’s a completely separate project that got underway back in 2016, but earlier in 2019 Otherside managed to secure the rights to the project from Starbreeze publishing. It, too, hasn’t really been in the spotlight with a lot of positive news either, but maybe all of these System Shock revivals will come to a head at the exact same time? Like a cavalcade of System Shock games all dropping in 2020 like Santa taking a streamlined, diarrhea dump over the chimneys that belong to all the naughty kids?

Anyway, for those of you who are excited about more System Shock, you can prepare your diet and look for more news to surface whenever Nightdive gets around to it.

(Thanks for the news tip MaverickHL)

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