The Falconeer Trailer Reveals An Ocean-World Aerial RPG With Dynamic Dogfights

The Falconeer

Okay, I was completely blown away by this game. I bookmarked the trailer not really expecting much other than a typical, pretentious indie title – possibly something pixelated with some indie folk music to set the mood with campfires, lots of pointless existential posturing, and maybe some mountain climbing and stray insinuations about global warming smacking the player over the head every once in a while throughout the non-violent adventure. However, The Falconeer is nothing like what I described and the complete opposite of any of the hipster trash that I thought it would be.

The GamesCom trailer for the upcoming project sets the mood with some interesting visuals that swell into an intense aerial conflagration of dogfights and heart-pumping evasive maneuvers. This is all set to an odd but befitting musical choice called “Lift Me Up” from Sherry Dyanne.

You can check out the awesome new trailer below, courtesy of XboxViewTV.

So the trailer starts with some pans of the water-canvassed world before it shows the player-character, an armed aerial warrior who must fight through a bleak and violent world known as the Great Ursee.

You’ll need to navigate through war-torn regions where warmongers and raiders rule the air; a place where only steel hearts prevail.

You’ll be able to roam freely through an open ocean-world fantasy setting where you’ll need to take charge of the Falconeer and utilize dogfighting tactics to out-maneuver and out-gun your foes, taking on flying beetles, giant manta rays, dragon weavers, and airships.

The Falconeer - Volcano Skies

We talk about the mainstream gaming industry being creatively bankrupt and completely devoid of any kind of originality or ingenuity, and it’s projects like this that remind us of how true that is. It’s not even hyperbole. Just compare almost every major AAA offering coming out or recently released to original and creatively themed games like this, and you won’t be able to name a game that comes close.

Tomas Sala and the rest of Wired Productions could have a real gem on their hands if they treat it well and avoid the kind of controversies that might bring them ruin and destitution, sort of like what’s befallen 3D Realms and Voidpoint regarding Ion Fury.

In any case, the ocean-world RPG is apparently still heavy in development, and we have no idea which systems it’s going to launch for, but I’m pretty sure the home consoles and PC are a safe bet. If you’re interested in Sherry Dyanne’s “Lift Me Up”, you can purchase the single for just €1.00 over on her official website. The song was made specifically for The Falconeer, and hopefully they actually use it in the game at some point, because that would be pretty cool.

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