The Surge 2 Accolades Trailer Is Short On Gameplay But High On Praise
The Surge 2

We haven’t heard a whole lot about Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive’s The Surge 2. It’s had a rather mellow marketing campaign leading up to its release, but with GamesCom having circled around this year in Cologne, Germany, Focus Home Interactive decided to take advantage of the gaming event to remind people that the third-person, hack-and-slash body-horror title is due out this fall for home consoles and PC.

The GamesCom trailer is actually just a compilation of feedback and praise doled out by game journalists in preparation of the September 24th release.

It doesn’t show much – or anything at all really – of the gameplay, but does focus on how people feel that the game is faster, more brutal and more high-impact than the original outing.

The real news, is actually that the gameplay is actually a lot more brutal, visceral, and fast-paced compared to the original The Surge, which was more plodding and had a lot of back-and-forth combat as you attacked, dodged, parried and then counter-attacked.

It would have been nice if they included some of that footage from the recent trailer from back at the end of July in the accolades piece, but in case you missed it before, you can check out the minute and a half gameplay video below, which focuses on the combat, the upgrades, and the new ways to attack, defend, and dismember the enemy in The Surge 2.

The new and improved combat system also comes with a new overhauled gear and upgrade system, where you’ll be able to acquire new parts, different kinds of armor, and all new weapons in the campaign mode.

This coincides with the game’s brand new asynchronous multiplayer mode, which was introduced back at the end of June, where the developers talked about the new gear you can acquire, the new environment and levels based around Jericho City, and the continuation of the story from the first game that sees the nanites having infected and mutated man into a horrifying transhuman amalgamation that likes of nightmares are made.

You can look for The Surge 2 to launch on September 24th next month for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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