Train Valley 2 Cheats Give You Access To Infinite Money
Train valley 2 Cheats

Russian developers Alexey Davydov and Sergey Dvoynikov released Train Valley 2 as a fully completed project in spring of 2019 after spending some time in Early Access. The isometric strategy game is all about developing and designing functioning railroads across a colorful continent. The game has some updated cheat trainers available for download for anyone looking to cheat their way from the train station to success.

The first cheat trainer is available for download for free from over on Mr. Antifun.

There’s only two modifications for Train Valley 2, which includes a saved game cheat and a time freeze cheat.

There’s a more robust cheat trainer available for download over on

The trainer features the following cheats for Train Valley 2:

  • Money +5.000
  • Money +100.000
  • Money -5.000
  • Money -50.000
  • Reset level timer
  • Challenge 1 achieved
  • Challenge 2 achieved
  • Fast trains
  • Very fast trains
  • Normal trains
  • Very slow trains
  • Slow trains

For some reason the free portion of the trainer gives you the really good stuff, including the ability to make use of the infinite money cheat. Oddly, the hardcore cheats require a premium membership, such as the very slow trains or reducing your money by 50,000. I’m not sure who would want to use such cheats, but I suppose they’re there for those people who like to take shortcuts backwards in life.

Weirdly there’s a premium trainer from Cheat Happens, but it only has one cheat.

There’s a free money cheat available for the trainer, but I’m not really sure why would you lay down money for a trainer with only one cheat while there are free trainers with multiple cheats available.

The game itself is hailed as a fun-loving, tycoon strategy sim where you take your railroad company, build it up during the boon of the industrial revolution, evolve the city and infrastructure, develop new technologies and locomotives, and then advance them into the future by doing the opposite of Baltimore by having public transportation run on time, arrive on time, and leave on time.

You can pick up a digital copy of Train Valley 2 from over on the Steam store for just $14.99.


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