Darq To Gain Free DLC Later This Year

Unfold Games is looking to give gamers and fans alike a few DLCs that happen to be free sometime near the end of this year (2019). The puzzler-horror game that is available to pick up across Steam and GOG is currently on PC.

Although the unique game is on PC that will one day change when it lands on the Nintendo Switch. However, before touching on the newly released game and its ventures to other platforms, Unfold Games has come forth with a new post teasing a “few DLCs” for free later this year.

You can check out the new post right here that thanks fans for supporting the game, which also elaborates on said DLCs set to go free Q4 2019:

I’m not sure what new puzzles are in the pipeline, but what is for sure is that you’ll be getting more content for $19.99 (assuming the game doesn’t go on sale while adding extra content) later this year, stretching the game’s playtime out much more.

While the new content is up in the air as to what it will be, coming ahead of the few new expansions or downloadable content is news that a Switch version is in the works.

Folks who are into gaming on the go or that happen to be a fan of the Switch will be able to enjoy the game on Nintendo’s nifty device sometime in the future. The info explaining this move comes directly from Unfold Games’ Twitter account explaining said port to a curious fan:

If all of that sounds interesting, and something worth backing, you can head on over to Steam or GOG where the PC game runs for $19.99. Additionally, you can learn more about Darq by hitting up darqgame.com.


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