Voxility Removes 8chan From Their Datacenters Following Twitter-Mob Complaints


Internet infrastructure hosting company, Voxility, was pressured by Left-wing mob activists on Twitter to drop their support for the hosting services provided to 8chan. They obliged.

Basically, pro-censorship people found out that 8chan’s networking hardware isn’t entirely located within the hosting provider’s infrastructure at Bitmitigate. They discovered that majority of the servers reside at Voxility. Stanford Internet Observatory’s Alex Stamos started up an internet mob and went after Voxility on August 5th, 2019.

Within the hour Voxility was ready to concede, publicly acknowledging that they would be cutting off their hardware services provided to 8chan.

This comes shortly after Cloudflare made a public statement saying that they were cutting off support for 8chan, following mainstream news media reports blaming 8chan for the El Paso, Texas shooting, and the Dayton, Ohio shooting.

Why did they blame 8chan? Well, because there were posts on the imageboard with the shooter’s manifesto on it. The funny thing about it is that the posters told the alleged shooter to leave the board because they didn’t want him there, and called him out for being a fedposter, which is basically a Federal Agent pretending to be an imageboard user but posting bait for people to respond to in order to gain incriminating evidence against them. Some fedposters were outed a while back when they printed out screenshots of alleged incriminating posts on 8chan that turned out to be made by FBI agents.

Anyway, Right-wing politicians are currently blaming video games for the shooting, asking for regulation, while Left-wing propagandists are advocating for more internet censorship.

At the end of the day, they hate you and they hate your rights and freedom of speech is the only thing that loses.

(Thanks for the news tip lucben999)