WWE 2K20 Releases First Official Trailer: I Have Thoughts
WWE 2K20

So, the WWE and Take Two Interactive released the first official trailer for WWE 2K20 on the official WWE YouTube channel. It is a 51 second commercial that features 11 seconds of game play.

What are those other 40 seconds used for, you ask? Well, a very boring live action “cocktail party” that Becky Lynch crashes by literally crashing the glass ceiling. Lynch then grabs a cookie, bites it, and drops it in Hulk Hogan’s glass. She follows this up with a brief stare down with Roman Reigns before he hands her a glass of champagne and they clink glasses. Thank God it was only 40 seconds because I was 5 seconds away from falling asleep.

The 11 seconds of game play was even worse.

The trailer showed off PS3 level graphics that are getting roasted in the comment section. Additionally, many comments are wondering why Becky Lynch is on the cover of the game.

I’m sure the comments will be disabled soon. After all, WWE is all about that “Women’s Revolution”, or so I hear.

If they don’t disable the comments then the WWE will surely send in the shills to try to push Becky Lynch as “The Man” even though she has put less butts in seats than Kevin Nash.

Admittedly I haven’t watched wrestling in years. I tapped out after CM Punk dropped the “pipe bomb” which only a mark believed to be genuine.

Looking at the trailer for this game confirms that I made the right choice. I mean, let’s be honest. No matter how good a female wrestler is, they will never have the same appeal as a hulking man does. No one wants to see two 120 lb girls slapping each other when they can see two juiced up dudes beat the holy hell out of one another.

This game drops on October 22 but I doubt anyone but the brain dead WWE fans will be picking it up.


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