YouTube Terminates Dr. Ludwig’s Historical Folk Song Channel For “Hate Speech” [Update]

Dr Ludwig Terminated

[Update 12/14/2019:] Dr. Ludwig made a video updating his fans that the channel has been restored and that his videos are back… somewhat. He’s had to private some of the videos to avoid being flagged again by YouTube, so the full archive still isn’t accessible on YouTube.

[Original article:] Following up on YouTube terminating Soph’s channel, European folk song channel, Dr. Ludwig ~Historical Songs~, was terminated on August 1st, 2019. The channel was known for hosting classic folk songs and marching tunes from Western Europe, but was terminated by YouTube for “hate speech”, which is their go-to term to ban any kind of content that offends their personal sensibilities.

In this case, the content creator’s channel was nuked from orbit, despite having more than 105,000 subscribers who tuned in to listen to classic, national folk music. According to the Social Blade summary, he amassed more than 57 million views since 2016.

However, his channel was considered “hateful” by YouTube and they had it terminated.

Dr. Ludwig had a backup channel called Dr. Ludwig’s archive. He did a three and a half minute video talking about how the original channel was terminated, and how he managed to backup and archive a few of the classics such as the Swiss “Berner Marsch”, or Adolf Scherzer’s “Bayerischer Defiliermarsch”. However, in the video he lamented the dissolution of the original channel, and forbade his current audience from promoting, talking about, or celebrating national socialist argots.

This is all part of YouTube’s new crackdown on content that they believe will lead people to the “Alt-Right”. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that they would be suppressing “borderline content” that might lead people to become “radicalized”, and they would be terminating content that violated their policies, even if those violations are cooked up out of thin air or are enforced based on an ever-moving yard stick of what they consider to be “inappropriate”, “prohibited”, or “hate speech”.

So where does he go from here? Wisely, Dr. Ludwig opened up a Bitchute account and you can now find all of his songs over on Bitchute. It was a wise move to have a contingency in an alternative platform, because he’s definitely going to need it once YouTube catches wind of his archive account and goose steps all over it with their clogs of censorship.

(Thanks for the news tip QuickShooter)