YouTube Terminates James Allsup’s Channel Shortly After Banning Iconoclast

James Allsup Banned

Censorship is on the rise and no one is doing anything about it. Many Leftists posing as Centrists™ claim that it’s just private corporations making independent decisions on who they don’t want on their platform, all while an insurmountable bevy of evidence shows that these bans are ideologically driven to push a very specific kind of narrative, especially leading into the 2020 elections. Well, YouTube has ramped up their efforts to silence voices that don’t align with their politics, and that included both Iconoclast and James Allsup, both of whom were banned from the platform within days of each other.

KotakuInAction 2 took notice of James Allsup’s account being removed from YouTube. If you attempt to visit Allsup’s YouTube channel, you’re met with the following message.

Allsup’s videos have already been scrubbed from most of Google, so the only way to find his content or channel from the cache (for now) is through search engines like

Allsup actually addressed the termination on his Gab account, where he made a post that starts with “It’s gone” on August 26th, 2019.

As pointed out by Allsup, he had no channel strikes or community violations but his account was still nuked. This is very similar to the way Patreon banned James Allsup back in December of 2018, along with Sargon of Akkad and Milo Yiannopoulos. Using nebulous terms and justifying it by saying that the users engaged in “hate speech”, a phrase that ideologues use to shut down and censor anyone who says anything they don’t like.

Allsup’s YouTube ban also comes close on the heels of YouTuber Iconoclast also losing his channel due to vague reasons.

The Iconoclast spoke up about the termination on Twitter in response to Allsup losing his account.

According to Social Blade, Allsup had garnered more than 451,000 subscribers and more than 71 million views at the time of his account being terminated.

The Iconoclast YouTube channel had 213,000 subscribers at the time of termination, along with more than 20 million video views, according to Social Blade.

This comes after YouTube began banning and terminating accounts hosting World War II videos, national anthems, and channels containing video footage of historical moments, such as CriticalPast.

They’ve also terminated Sabaton themed accounts, along with video game and socio commentator, American Krogan.

As pointed out by Brittany Sellner, the censorship is definitely moving in a very specific direction.

Google already admitted that they’re trying to sway the 2020 elections, but for some reason the government has been slow to act against the very obvious, politically motivated censorship that appears to be suppressing opposing voices to their ideological standards.