YouTube Terminates Knight SGC’s Sabaton-Themed Account For “Hate Speech”
Knight SGC

Knight SGC’s YouTube account, which was known for posting up remixed music videos of Sabaton’s music, has been terminated… again. This time, however, it seems as if it’s for good.

Knight SGC made a post on his Patreon page, informing his 40,000 strong audience that the YouTube channel has been terminated for “hate speech”, a nebulous term that YouTube basically uses these days to erase European history or prevent people from utilizing imagery that has anything to do with the German army or Axis culture during World War II.

On August 2nd, 2019 Knight SGC wrote…

“Hello everyone, I have some very unfortunate news. As of today my channel has once again been terminated for supposedly violating the community guidelines of “hate speech”. I am sorry but I highly doubt I will be allowed back on Youtube so I will most likely will be switching to Bitchute. I can understand if any of you want to back off from supporting me on Patreon as I no longer truly have a platform to really display my content on and I will fully understand. Nonetheless I will leave my Bitchute. Uploads will be slow as Bitchute is not optimal yet and really decreases video quality. “

In this particular case, though, this wasn’t even the first time that Knight SGC got banned. He was first hit back in June, according to a Reddit post, where YouTube terminated his account for “hate speech”, all because made music videos featuring the music of Sabaton. He managed to get his account back after rallying his fans and appealing the ban, but this time he doesn’t think he’ll be so fortunate.

Wisely, he’s been re-uploading his content to his Bitchute channel. This includes his most recent uploads, such as the music video for Sabaton’s “Great War”.

As usual, if you attempt to visit Knight SGC’s YouTube page, you’ll be met with a notice from YouTube stating that the account violated their policy on “hate speech”.

This comes just days after YouTube removed their music video for “Ghost Division”, a song from the Swedish power metal band, Sabaton. The reason for YouTube’s removal of the video? “Hate speech”.

This is a go-to term that YouTube has been using to basically mean anything that doesn’t fit within their Left-wing authoritarian ideology. In this case, they want to erase any kind of historical footage, imagery, or even music referencing certain kinds of European culture, specifically those of whites.

Unfortunately this won’t stop because too many Centrists™ keep supporting the erasure of culture and history, and making excuses why censorship is necessary.

YouTube has been very rapidly wiping out a lot of channels with historical videos, imagery, and music on them, including but not limited to Dr. Ludwig’s historical folk songs, Dero Volk’s national anthem channel, and even Critical Past, the latter of which was an educational channel that documented and archived old footage from the 19th and 20th century.

YouTube is basically exiling all of these channels off of their platform. Some have found a small audience on BitChute, but rebuilding an entire library of content is no easy task. Unless something is done soon, YouTube will continue to wipe history off the face of the internet, and lots of original content will be lost for good.

(Thanks for the news tip J. Black)


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