Anthology Of Fear, Multi-Era Horror Anthology Lands On PC, Nintendo Switch In 2020

Anthology of Fear

There’s a new horror anthology that takes place over the course of different epochs and with different characters, each with their own stories of horror to experience called the Anthology of Fear. The new project is being developed by Polish outfit RG Crew and published by Ultimate Games S.A.

The new anthology is scheduled to release on PC in early 2020 and is being planned to release several months later on the Nintendo Switch.

The hook for th egame is that it will feature a “multidimensional view of fear” along with “unconventional solutions”. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but they did release a new trailer for the anthology that you can check out below.

So first up, this isn’t one of those horror games where you’re completely helpless. In one of the stories we see that a hunter in the woods is armed with a rifle, so it’s not like each of these horror tales will feature some hapless victim ripe and waiting to be ripped to shreds by some otherworldly entity.

The Anthology of Fear will feature three different stories, each one with its own gameplay hook, characters, and thematics.

The stories each take place in different remote parts of Russia, so this isn’t another typical Portland hipster piece or something cobbled together by reality-bereft trust fund kids from San Francisco.

The main worry I have is one of compatibility and quality. While the indie developers are Polish, there are sometimes issues with these 3D horror games where maybe the gameplay is a little wonky or the mechanics are off, or there graphical glitches, or the AI getting stuck. Hopefully none of that is an issue with Anthology of Fear when it arrives on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

You can keep track of any updates for the game or you can wishlist it if you’re interested by visiting the Steam store page.