Borderlands 3 Cheats Grant Unlimited Health, Shield, Ammo, XP, And Money
Borderlands 3 cheats

Borderlands 3 is out now and has active cheat trainers for PC. The first-person looter-shooter is available for PC via the Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One, and will come to Steam next year.

The creators that can’t stay out of the news for all the wrong reasons which include embezzlement, the possession of female magic tricks on a discarded USB drive at a restaurant and from the publisher that hounds down die-hard fans with goons in black because of a misunderstanding comes Borderlands 3.

Now that the game is out, you can snag some cheats for the FPS looter-shooter right here.

The first trainer is available for download from over on Cheat Evolution.

The trainer contains the following Borderlands 3 cheats:

  • Unlimited Health
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • One-Hit Kills
  • Unlimited Armor
  • Unlimited Grenades
  • No Recoil
  • Rapid Fire
  • Super Accuracy
  • No Weapon Overheat
  • Instant Skills Cooldown
  • Add 5K Money
  • Add 1K Eridium
  • Add 10 Golden Keys
  • Add 50 Skill Points
  • Add 5K XP
  • Disable AI Guns
  • Increase Game Speed
  • Decrease Game Speed
  • Reset Game Speed!

It’s noted that more cheats will be made available in the trainer soon, so keep an eye out for updates from Cheat Evolution. They also warn you not to keep one-hit kills on at all times and to only use it when necessary.

There’s also batch of cheats available in a Borderlands 3 trainer from

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Shield
  • Super Damage
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • No Recoil
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Unlimited Throwables/Grenades
  • Fast Skill Cooldowns
  • Unlimited Iron Bear Fuel
  • No Iron Bear Weapon Heat
  • Easy Teleport to Set Waypoint
  • Unlimited Vehicle Boost
  • Easy Open Golden Chest
  • Game Speed
  • Change Vault Coins
  • Change Eridium
  • Edit: Current Health
  • Edit: Max Health
  • Edit: Current Shields
  • Edit: Max Shields
  • Edit: Current Ammo
  • Edit: Max Ammo
  • Edit: Current Throwable/Grenade
  • Edit: Max Throwable/Grenade
  • Edit: Current XP
  • Edit: Current Level
  • Edit: Current Skill Points
  • Edit: Current Vault Coins
  • Edit: Current Eridium
  • Edit: Backpack Slots

As an added choice to the cheat mix, website has a plethora of trainers for PC goers:

Their Borderlands 3 cheat trainer contains the following options:

  • +50.000 Money
  • +10 Eridium
  • Infinite ammo
  • High accuracy
  • +1.000 Experience
  • 0 Eridium
  • No reload
  • Infinite grenades
  • +10.000 Experience
  • +1 Skillpoint
  • Instant ability cooldown
  • 0 Skillpoints
  • Infinite health
  • Infinite shield
  • Infinite vehicle health

Joining the bunch is and Coming forth with a list rivaling that of Cheat Happens, the site has you covered in the cheating department as seen below:

  • Unlimited Health Player/Vehicle
  • Unlimited Shield
  • Unlimited Vehicle Boost
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Eridium
  • Unlimited Keys
  • No Reload
  • Better Accuracy
  • No Recoil
  • Unlimited Grenades
  • One Hit-Kill
  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Instant Skill Cooldown
  • Mega Exp
  • Super Jump Height
  • Fly Mode
  • Money
  • Eridium
  • Golden Keys
  • Walking Speed
  • Gravity
  • Set Game Speed
  • Player Health
  • Player Max Health
  • Shield
  • Max Shield
  • Max Grenades
  • Grenades
  • Ammo Pistol
  • Max Ammo Pistol
  • Ammo Shotgun
  • Max Ammo Shotgun
  • Ammo SMG
  • Max Ammo SMG
  • Ammo Rifle
  • Max Ammo Rifle
  • Ammo Sniper
  • Max Ammo Sniper
  • Ammo Rocket Launcher
  • Max Ammo Rockets

It’s worth noting that you should check back on these cheats to make sure that your version links up with the official build of Borderlands 3. In other words, keep up to date with the latest versions to cheat from planet to planet.

There’s also a console dumper featuring additional cheats that you can utilize courtesy of Fearless Revolution.

The cheats include:

  • Noclip
  • Fly mode
  • World Freeze
  • Teleporter
  • No Hud
  • And more…

As noted above, Borderlands 3 is available for PC via the Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One. The Steam version is due out next year.


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