Boundary Gameplay Video Mirrors Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Space Mission Without The Explosions

If for some reason you fancy PvP games that are always-online and developed by Chinese devs, then Boundary has you covered. Actual gameplay footage has surfaced showing the FPS space game in action, which is no more than a less frantic version of Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ space mission.

Firstly, folks looking for a single-player experience out of Boundary will not find any of that going in. The game focuses on online play and currently has no roadmap showing anything dealing with solo play.

The multiplayer tactical space-based shooter aims to put players in the role of a heavily armed astronaut in space engaging in fierce zero gravity firefights.

Players can “fully customize” load-outs, weapons, and ammo types across six classes of Astronauts, which range from Assault, Sniper, Recon, Medic, Flanker to Support.

There are plans for multiple game modes, but for now, YouTuber Mathchief has video footage showing off deathmatch gameplay using different weapons and gear:

The gunplay and movement are what you’d find in a toned-down Call of Duty game. The sound is much at times, especially with all the breathing and stuff. However, the graphical side of things is likely to change given that the game pretty much is a live-service title.

At this point, it’s unclear whether or not the devs will bring this game to Xbox One or if it will remain on PC and PS4? Another question left open is when it does come to PC will it hit Steam or the Epic Games Store? While those questions remain unanswered, it’s worth pointing out that the FPS game has no specific release date.

Last but not least, the FPS space shooter for PC and PS4 is slated to drop sometime early 2020. However, nothing is solid right now so it shouldn’t come in as a surprise if it gets pushed.

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