Chernobylite Trailer Outlines Igor’s Story Venturing Into The Exclusion Zone

The Farm 51 released a new trailer for the upcoming Russian-survival game, Chernobylite. It’s set in an alternate reality of the Chernobyl meltdown, where players attempt to use time-manipulating powers to rescue a loved one.

The two minute trailer gives a quick rundown of the story, how players take control of nuclear physicist Igor, a former employee who worked at Chernobyl, who returns to the site years after the 1986 explosion in order to find his missing fiance who disappeared during the evacuation.

He believes he can reach her through a reality-bending device they activate that’s powered by chernobylite.

Igor works with various characters throughout his adventures in surviving the exclusion zone. You can check the trailer below to get a good rundown of what you do and how you play.

The Farm 51 decided to mix up the survival-horror experience by including actual survival elements such as food and hydration, as well as forcing players to adapt to an ever-changing set of biomes where new hazards crop up from the environment and from the not-so-normal locals.

You’ll need to collect resources, craft your gear, and survive against the inhabitants of the exclusion zone, some of whom have supernatural abilities.

To help fend yourself off from some of the more dangerous foes, you can craft supplies and build up your very own base, using it as a defensive perimeter when things get really hairy. That’s a pretty cool concept actually that seems to build on the base survival mechanics that were featured in GSC Game World’s S.T.A.L.K.E.R., series.

There appears to be a moderate amount of layers to the gameplay and meta of Chernobylite. The big question is how well these features are going to be implemented and how well paced the game will be to keep things feeling fresh?

You’ll be able to get your hands on Chernobylite starting October 16th, 2019 when it enters into Early Access over on the Steam store.

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