Code Vein Guide: How To Earn XP Fast In Early And Late Game

Code Vein is out now for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. Whether you are a new player or someone that is familiar with the game, which includes veterans too, can accrue more XP or Haze through this guide for Bandai Namco’s souls-like JRPG.

First and foremost, head to the second Mistle in the game if you want to start the early XP or Haze farm. I should note that this is not the best way to level up in the game, but considering how early on you can come across this spot, you can gain quite a few levels before fighting the first boss.

YouTuber Burner Reborn has the following XP farm video up for your viewing pleasure, which sees him rack up 2,000 XP around 3-minutes per run:

The next video sees a place further from the beginning. In this next XP area calls for you to go to the Howling Pits. In other words, make sure you have this location unlocked to do the following strategy.

According to the below video, you can get around 100,000 XP per hour or even pull in 200,000 plus XP per hour if you know what you are doing.

Thanks to YouTuber Burner Reborn you can check out the below guide video:

Next up comes the place called Memories of Burner Reborn. The same YouTuber, Burner Reborn, reveals his build to one-shot enemies to make this XP or Haze run more lucrative. If you don’t kill the enemies in one hit, the XP per hour isn’t as plentiful.

Lastly, YouTuber 100% Guides offers a late-game method to gain more XP or Haze. This place to rack up more levels goes by the name of Provisional Government Center. Once there, you need to follow a specific short point-to-point pattern to gain over 4,500,000 XP or Haze per hour:

As mentioned above, Code Vein is out now for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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