Coma Trailer Has Awful Dubbing But Some Pretty Cool Special Effects

Coma Movie

The Russian-made sci-fi flick from Nikita Argunov called Coma has received a new trailer ahead of its November 14th, 2019 release in theaters this fall. The trailer features English dubbing to help explain the plot and some of the characters, but the dubbing is downright awful. The good part is that the effects and premise is kind of cool.

The story centers around a man who ends up a coma, but he wakes up in a completely different world. The world is a fractured and dream-like place composed of fragmented memories from other people. He learns that the world he’s in is actually a shared world. Everyone who has entered into the coma are connected by a mysterious neural network, which combines all of their past memories together to create a hauntingly fantastical world.

The main character’s timorous behavior is quickly erased as he finds out that the shared world of the coma isn’t quite as happy or peaceful as he thought, and there are black reapers roaming the place that are hazardous to their survival. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of KinoCheck International.

The effects are interesting because it reminds me a lot of Inception meets The Matrix.

One of the things that stand out is that the way the world’s memories are connected look like synaptic soot, almost like what a synapse looks like when it’s forming a neural bridge within the nervous system.

I imagine the blackened web that holds the memories together will be explained in the movie and likely has to do with some kind of corruption connected to the reapers that haunt the main characters.

I didn’t think it was a movie at first because the trailer seemed to have a heck of a lot of parts to it. It reminds me more of a potential series one might find on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon.

Coma - Reapers

The visuals and premise definitely stand out, though, along with the fact that there are no diversity hires in the cast for as far as the trailer is concerned. That’s how you know it’s not made by Hollywood, because they would never allow a movie like Coma to be made without infusing it with some kind of Leftist agitprop.

I don’t know how well the entire film will be able to cohesively bring all of its elements together to create an entertaining film, but it’s worth keeping an eye on if you were interested in an action-oriented sci-fi flick that didn’t seem as if it were made under the crushing boot of cultural Communism.

You can look for Coma to arrive first in Russia starting November 14th. I don’t know if it’ll ever appear on Netflix since it seems to go against their ideological grain. In any case, it looks interesting for what it’s attempting to convey and might be worth watching on a lazy Saturday night.

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