Cube World Headed To Steam Late September Or Early October, 2019

Cube World

Wolfram von Funck announced on Twitter recently that Cube World is finally going to be completed and released on Steam in full either at the end of September or in early October of this year during the fall.

The news came via a tweet on September 6th, 2019, where the independent developer dropped the following bombshell after what seemed like a lifetime of silence, as reported by Attack of the Fanboy.

Before August 31st, the last big news we heard about actual progress on the game came from back in January of 2019, where Funck revealed that resurrection shrines had been implemented into the game.

Between then and the latest announcement, Funck simply posted screenshots or gameplay videos from the latest build, but there was no word on when the full thing would finally be made available to the general public.

Just ahead of the September 6th tweet he also posted up 16 minutes worth of gameplay featuring the mage, character creation, and questing. You can check that out below.

Before that update there was a small video showing the new title screen, but between that time gamers had to wait five years to finally see some progress.

The last big video release was from back in June of 2014. Yep, half a decade ago.

Things were a little more active on the Twitter front, but not by much. Before the January update his last post was from July 2nd, 2017. So there was a two year social media hiatus before he began ramping up public updates once again at the start of the year.

Development on Cube World was always somewhat contentious with onlookers, as Funck preferred to keep things close to his chest and just work from there. A lot of the feedback, both positive and negative, usually led to the developer turtling away from the spotlight.

For a while it seemed like the game maybe was going to just fade into the ether, since development had drastically slowed back in mid-to-late 2014, but it looks like Funck is following through with finally releasing the game in full.

The Steam page for Cube World is currently live and you can wishlist the game right now ahead of release. I’m also kind of shocked that Epic Games didn’t try to swoop in and negotiate for an Epic Games Store Exclusive release… but then again, season is still young and everyone has their price.