David Rutter, The Man Behind FIFA Ultimate Team Will Oversee Battlefield, Battlefront, And Need For Speed

Get ready for full-on microtransactions, loot-boxes pushed to the extreme, and other live-service mechanics invading games that already have MTX mechanics. Yes, EA has moved David Rutter — the man behind the creation of FIFA Ultimate Team — to oversee franchises such as Battlefield, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Need For Speed.

Publication site videogameschronicle.com wrote up a piece revealing the following information:

“Rutter, who is often partially credited for the success of modern FIFA titles, has relocated to Sweden to oversee EA’s European studios including DICE, Criterion and Ghost Games, which is currently preparing for the release of Need for Speed Heat.”

Lo, this information would draw out EA. The big company would issue out an official statement to the publication site that not only confirms the already obvious move but to elaborate on Rutter’s portfolio:

“David Rutter has moved to Europe and taken on the role of Group General Manager for EA Studios Europe to lead our creators at DICE Stockholm, Ghost and Criterion. For the last 12 years, David has led our FIFA franchise and EA SPORTS development teams at EA Vancouver and EA Romania to amazing success.”

If you don’t know, Mr. MTX, or Rutter, joined EA in 2007 as a producer. FIFA 2009 was his first game and is said to have rejuvenated the sports series thanks to the notorious Ultimate Team mode.

Rutter would later see a promotion in 2014, as general manager of FIFA’s Premium operation, and then in 2018, he would become general manager of the EA Sports Vancouver studio.

The publication site points out that a substantial portion of EA’s net revenue comes from FIFA Ultimate Team. Additionally, said mode contributed around 16%, 21%, and 28% of EA’s total net revenue during its 2017, 2018, and 2019 fiscal years.

I’m sure Rutter is drooling at the mouth as if he’s a bewildered dog waiting for food given that DICE, in particular, has been in the doghouse with its latest effort.

Battlefield V has been so disastrous that even general manager Oskar Gabrielson — the man who talked about gamers behind their back at a live event — had to make an apology due to the state of the game. I mean, look at Rutter’s eyes and then read the following tweet by Gabrielson and you’ll know the Battlefield series, Star Wars: Battlefront and Need For Speed will be digging even deeper in your pockets like a gold miner during the gold rush:

It will definitely be interesting to see what becomes of these franchises with Rutter in charge.


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