Death Stranding Video Shows Off Hover Board, Combat, And Boss Fight

Death Stranding had a big appearance at this Tokyo Game Show, where Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions showcased 48 minutes of new gameplay footage. Thanks to the PlayStation blog, you can read over a summary of the nearly hour-long video along with clips right here.

Firstly, if you missed out on the full gameplay video, YouTuber lzuniy has you covered with the following:

First and foremost, website shows Kojima picking Sam’s equipment for a mission, an act done via balancing cargo.

Sam’s suit can hold attachments elsewhere. In other words, he can carry Amazon packages not only on his back but his arms too — like grenades.

Like any other game that features huge maps or an open world, in Death Stranding, you can examine the map and shift to a topographical view that takes all the area’s hills, valleys, and bodies of water into account and then place waypoints to make your journey “easy.”

You can also plot your course after reading the world map by bringing equipment like ladders, anchors, and boots for the journey ahead.

Resting, according to both the gameplay video and the blog site, is important. This means the game encourages rest and recuperation by taking the time to rest in the grass, with prompts for Sam to massage his shoulders, stretch his legs or sneak in a nap. Bathing in a “Recharging Spring” is also helpful too.

Depending on the equipment you find or pick up can alter gameplay. For instance, despite Sam being loaded to the brim with cargo and equipment upon using the “Active Skeleton,” he can run faster and jump long distances.

There are other means of travel, too. Sam can steal a MULE truck, ride a motorcycle, or use a hoverboard. Moreover, Sam can also equip a “Floating Carrier” that can pack cargo and pull it for him. This should help with keeping your Amazon packages tidy and together.

Here’s that hoverboard we were talking about:

Lastly, around the 30-minute mark during YouTuber lzuniy’s video reveals a “boss fight.” Upon clicking the given link will take you to said fight.

In the meantime, Death Stranding is set to come out for PS4 on November 8th, 2019.


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