Death Stranding Will Have A Very Easy Mode For Movie Fans And Presumably Game Journalists

Whether you think Death Stranding is Xfinity: Reconnect the game or Amazon the game, Kojima Productions will show off 80 minutes of the forthcoming PS4 game at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

If you think this game is pretentious or interesting, Death Stranding will have a live stage presentation on September 12th. On that day, there will be a 50-minute showing. On September 14th, a 30-minute showing will go live. And on September 15th, members of the Japanese VA cast will join Kojima on stage.

The following tweet explains the above, which you can read right here:

So, in other words, a lot of “gameplay” will appear at TGS 2019. I’m not sure if this gameplay is more cut scenes or actual gameplay mechanics for the title that’s due out in the next two months.

Moreover, there is more Death Stranding news. Firstly, people who have skills like Dean Takahashi can expect the game to ship with an easy mode. Kojima Productions have prepared a “Very Easy” difficulty so that non-gamers from the West can enjoy Death Stranding:

The idea behind this “Very Easy” mode is said to help folks enjoy the story instead of being bogged down by the game’s difficulty. However, what’s the point of playing a game to enjoy the story when you could watch a movie? I thought the whole point of a game is to “play,” but I digress.

Death Stranding is due out on November 8th, 2019, for PS4.