Death Trash, Post Apocalyptic Cosmic Horror-RPG Enters Early Access In Q1 2020
Death Trash

Crafting Legends’ Death Trash is a game that mostly lives and breathes on social media. The developers regularly post screenshots and gifs of the progress they’ve been making on the game, including animations, some of the party members you’ll encounter, and the meat-space monsters you’ll battle against. Recently Crafting Legends announced that Death Trash will be entering into Early Access on Steam during the first half of 2020.

Additionally, in a tweet posted on September 23rd, 2019, they revealed that they have plans on bringing Death Trash to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 once it completes its Early Access run.

The game sees players assuming the role of a survivor and a raider on the death-ridden planet of Nexus. Once a beacon of hope and prosperity, Nexus was turned into a wasteland after the machines that humans built to protect them turned into terror-traps, killing everything in their wake after becoming corrupted.

Over the years humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction while mutants roam, flesh beasts feast on rotting corpses, and cosmic horrors are birthed out of the remnants of robotic skin-machines.

Players will have to navigate their way through a harsh, unforgiving world where you survive and die by the skin of your teeth.

The grotesque thematics and constant reliance on unsightly gags reminds me of a Troma film played straight, and fused with the sort of cyberpunk futurism of Albert Pyun’s sci-fi action classics.

Now this isn’t one of those randomly generated post-apoc RPGs where you just kind of wander around aimlessly and hope the RNG favors your character. The game is carefully hand-crafted from start to finish by Crafting Legends, offering gamers a tight, unrelenting cyber-trash story with plenty of gore, nudity, and violence smeared throughout. There’s even a shared-screen cooperative mode so you and a buddy can team up together to take on the meat monsters.

You can wishlist Death Trash or learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page. If all goes well during development, expect the game to graduate from Early Access at some point in 2021.


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